I understand your anger, but now I’m back. I’m lucky that the urn was with you.
I almost did not return. They questioned me, I said I didn’t have the papers with me. A phone call distracted them. Where it was – my identity. I have it at home. A long look into their eyes. Where it was, my home. Not far from here. What a lie. I couldn’t be further away. They let me go. Why, is not important.

Back with you.

I will write, Shevek. I will cooperate, I will be pragmatic, I will do my best with you I will participate and accept the world, you can count on me. I will be by your side, do what is necessary.

But here you will meet another person. Here I allow myself to come out and play. I will not divide the time here neatly into days and hours. Because the time is not correct.

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