It is also not only Ava’s task to do what is necessary. Every*one can, as Silke Helfrich writes. I remember her from school.

Everyone can contribute in many ways to defending or increasing common goods. Four principles are important here:

Decentralization (especially decentralized production made possible by a new level of networking in the digital space)
Cooperation at and between all levels – from local to global Promoting diversity (of resources, communities and rules).
Relationality: “I need the others, and the others need me.”

The future begins today. It becomes more vivid when we connect the myriad narratives of the commons into one grand narrative.Knowing the conditions for success of the fair use of commons, which Nobel laureate Ostrom has been systematically tracking for decades, will enable us to meet the challenges of this future.

Silke Helfrich [translated from German]

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