The problem is as clear as the solutions are clear. Perhaps that is why the enemy is truth itself. Dr. Christian Siefkes writes:

“So what is needed is first of all a ban on new sources of emissions: No more oil-, gas-, or coal-fueled engines or generators should be allowed to circulate, and likewise no more machines that use such engines or generators – that is, no more gasoline or diesel cars, no more diesel-oil ships, no more kerosene-fueled airplanes, no more oil-fired heaters or coal-fired power plants, and so on. Likewise, no more new fossil fuel extraction facilities should be opened – no coal or oil sands mining sites, no oil or natural gas production. To still have a chance of preventing critical tipping points from being crossed, and thus an uncontrollable rise in temperatures of four degrees or more, such a ban would have to come into force as soon as possible and in as many countries as possible.”


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